How Do I Place An Order?

To place an order; simply find the product you want to purchase and click on the item name.


This will take you to the product page so you can make your option choices if any are available:  size, color, quantity, shipping


NOTE:  Please read all information since some items are pre-order only and will ship once the pre-order ends. All items have different options so please take your time and order exactly what you want. If it is not available contact Fusion asap before placing the order.

If you want to order an item that is not listed on the shop or collection areas then you can call or email Fusion to place an order.

Phone:  512-845-4200

Email:  sales@fusionlaserart.com

Orders for products not listed on website:

Send an email with product description, artwork, project details, fonts, measurements, etc. to:



 We will contact you once we have the email and information to quote your project or order. We can do almost anything so do not be afraid to ask for something off the wall!


Payment & Shipping

Fusion accepts credit cards for online orders. If you want to pay using another method please contact Fusion to discuss.

We can ship multiple ways. We try to save costs on shipping as much as possible. Shipping depends on weight, size, and destination.

Make sure you select the correct shipping at check out. We provide custom shipping options for organizations, groups, etc so let us know if you need something custom or an option that is not available at checkout.


NOTE:  If you are in the Austin area please select FREE shipping. You can pickup from our location which will save you time and money. Please contact Fusion to schedule.

Phone:  512-845-4200

Email:  sales@fusionlaserart.com


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

All orders are secured with SSL and payment information is encrypted.


Returns & Refunds

All sales are final unless there is a manufacture defect. You must receive approval to return an item and be issued an RMA number.


The RMA number must be visible on the return product package or shipping container.


Please contact Fusion to discuss your issue and receive an RMA number. 

Customer will pay shipping to and from Fusion on returns unless a manufacture defect is responsible for the return.